Google Stadia hardware refunds will be issued within two weeks

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If you bought Stadia hardware on the Google Store, you’ll be getting your money back.

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Google will be issuing refunds for Stadia hardware purchased from the Google Store within two weeks, according to an email sent to customers on Wednesday. That means the refunds should arrive well ahead of the cloud gaming service’s impending January 18th shutdown. Purchases of the Stadia controller, the Founder’s Edition, the Premiere Edition, and Play and Watch with Google TV packages are all eligible for refunds, according to Google’s Stadia shutdown FAQ.

At the time of the shutdown announcement, Google committed to refunding hardware and software purchases, and it began software refunds earlier this month. Once your hardware refund has been issued, you’ll get an email confirmation, Google said in Wednesday’s email. Google expects the “majority” of Stadia refunds to be processed by the January 18th shutdown date.

Once Stadia shuts down, you won’t be able to play games on the service anymore. However, a few developers, including Bethesda and CD Projekt Red, have spelled out how you can bring your Stadia saves over to other platforms.


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