Dying Light 2 will be a free PlayStation 5 upgrade for PS4 users

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Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2 will offer a free PlayStation 5 upgrade to all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro users.

The upcoming game will also support Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service, which means Xbox One players will also be able to freely upgrade their copy of the game to Xbox Series X/S.

Alongside the free upgrades for console players, the studio also confirmed that cross-platform and cross-generation console cooperative experience will not be available for Dying Light 2 at launch. Cross-play between Steam and Epic Games Store will work once the game is released.

Besides the prologue, the entire game can be played in co-op, and all session guests can keep their gained items and progression. Important choices in the game will be made by all players through voting, but it will be the host of the session who has the final choice.

As of press time, the game is on the wishlist of 3 million folks through Steam, which if everyone who wishlisted it buys the game by February 4, between Steam and other platforms the game will be a best-seller out of the gate.

The game is also coming to Switch Cloud when it drops.


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